Quick Bite: Epic Burger

Epic Burger
517 S State St.
Chicago, IL

Right away we was impressed by Epic Burger’s space – HUGE ceilings and bright orange and brown pop art walls. At 5 PM on a Wednesday, EB was already hopping, with Chicagoans of all ages scarfing down EB’s stock in trade – all natural burgers. Epic Burger’s tagline is a “more mindful burger” a reflection of it’s locally sourced foods. A burger with all the fixings runs you $5.99 (Junior 4.99 and a double 7.99). For an extra dollar you can get cheese on your burger – a choice between aged cheddar, havarti and blue. We both opted for the combo meal which was a burger, fries and fountain drink for $10. The burgers were good – the meat was high quality, making for a lean yet juicy burger, and each burger was grilled to order. The toothsome multi-grain wheat bun also held up well. Unfortunately, the sea salt fries were a bit soggy and seemed like they had been under a lamp for a while. We had a good quick meal at EB, but I’m not entirely sure the price tag is worth it. Next time I think we’ll just skip the fries.



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