The Heartbrand


You’ve probably seen these heart logos on a box of ice cream before, weather in the US or abroad. The iconic shape, introduced only a decade ago, is Unilever’s Heartbrand. I never really realized the reach of the Heartbrand until I was in Spain, and saw ‘heartbranded’ ice cream stalls all up and down the boulevards and beaches. The heartbrand wasn’t actually unveiled until 1999, and Unilever uses it across most of its worldwide offerings, with local names particular to the country. Apparently, Good Humor, one of the many Unilever ice cream brands, is unfolding its logo from the Heartbrand, more info about this is on the design blog Brand New. Though the behemouth that is Unilever scares me a bit, its interesting to think that a little heart logo can mean ‘ice cream’ across the world.


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  1. That’s the world we’re growing up in these days.

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