Street / beach food in Brazil: Beijus

We are huge fans of street food, but Brazil has added a whole new dimension to that love – beach food! On the beaches of Brazil there are always a plethora of food trucks and roaming food vendors who are ready to fill you up with snacks (including cheese on a stick – more on that later) while you are chilling on the beach. The key to beaches in Brazil is to basically bring nothing to the beach, because the rest will be provided for you – water, sunglasses, sarongs, cheese on a stick, whatever. One of the more unique beach finds we encountered was the Beiju – a sort of tapioca crepe with a myriad of sweet and savory fillings. Popular choices include Nutella, fresh coconut and a delicious combination known as “Romeo and Juliet” (Goiabada and Minas cheese). In order to make a Beiju- a layer of tapioca starch is cooked in the bottom of a pan or mold on a flattop- solidifying the tapioca into a type of pancake. The texture is a little bit unusual – and the Beiju has a certain amount of chewiness and crumbliness – but in a good way. Though Beijus are more popular in the Northeast, you can find them around Brazil. We have tried Beijus both at Ipanema beach in Rio, and at a storefront in Salvador. Much like crepes – there are a million different variations – but what you are basically getting is always comfortingly familiar.

Beiju on Ipanema Beach

Beiju with a view – Ipanema Beach


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