Portuguese Pastry Post-Doc: Tripa de Aveiro

Today we are featuring a rare Portuguese confection – tripa de aveiro – we first learned of this dessert from one of our loyal readers, José. Tripa literally means “tripe” and it was named for its appearance  not its contents. Much like tripe, tripa has a bubbly texture, and is somewhere between a crepe and a waffle in consistency. A typical topping for tripa is cinnamon, with an ovos moles filling, though topping and filling combinations may be more exotic.  Tripa de Aveiro is local to the city of Aveiro, in North-Central Portugal, and is little known in other parts of Portugal. In fact, we never came across them in Lisbon at all. The typical place to find tripas is at small kiosks around town, José sent this picture as an example. We wish we would have had a chance to try them, maybe next time we will be able to visit Aveiro. If you are not in the vicinity of Aveiro, here is a recipe for chocolate-filled tripas from Hoje Para Jantar (in Portuguese). Thanks for the tip about Tripas, José!

Tripa de Chocolate

Tripa de Chocolate from Hoje Para Jantar


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