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Archestratus: Sicilian Food and Cookbooks in Brooklyn


SicilyThere is nothing we love more than a bookstore/cafe combo, and though they are already popular in other parts of the world, it seems that more and have been popping up in the US recently. A good example of this trend is Archestratus Books & Foods (160 Huron St., Greenpoint, Brooklyn), a cookbook/food book shop with a Sicilian bakery and cafe. Food books and Sicilian cuisine – two of our favorite things! Named after the Greek-Sicilian philosopher Archestratus, owner Paige Lipari calls on her heritage to serve classic Sicilian treats like cannoli and arancini in the cafe. In addition to the books and food, Archestratus also hosts demos and events. Continue reading

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Ghanaian cuisine gets its due with “The Ghana Cookbook”

GhanaCookbookGhana.svgWe are always excited when a cookbook comes out that features an under-represented cuisine. In this case, Ghana gets the star treatment in Barbara Baëta and Fran Osseo-Asare’s “Ghana Cookbook.” Disappointed with the lack of African cookbooks available in the US, Osseo-Asare had previously created a Ghanaian cookbook for kids, “Good Soup Attracts Chairs.” The latest cookbook was co-written with Ghanian culinary expert Baëta, and contains the iconic foods of Ghanaian cuisine,as well as anecdotes and stories about Ghanaian culture. This Medium article by Osseo-Asare talks about how the cookbook came to be, and contains a few recipes: plantain pancakes and a hibiscus drink.

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How to Cook Like Toulouse-Lautrec

franceIn honor of Bastille Day, here is a fascinating French cookbook to explore, “The Art of Cuisine” by Henri Toulouse-Lautrec (yes, the artist)! This is in fact a compendium of his recipes, published after his death, along with sketches and other notes. An avowed denizen of Parisian nightlife, Toulouse-Lautrec was also something of a gourmand. In his cookbook you will find recipes for such exotic fare as “baked kangaroo” (containing no kangaroo) and more simple recipes typical of his native Southern France.the-art-of-cuisine


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Von y Carmen: Cooking her way through Puerto Rican Classics

Flag of Puerto RicoWe love our mofongo, and we are grateful that Chicago has a bunch of great Puerto Rican restaurants. Despite its deliciousness, Puerto Rican cooking flies a bit under the radar in the US. However, we have grown to love it and are looking for a good basic cookbook. Apparently much like Joy of Cooking for the US, Puerto Rico has an iconic tome, Cocina Criolla, by Carmen Valldejuli that has pretty much every recipe you need to know. This Puerto Rican classic has inspired journalist Von Diaz to get in touch with the soul of Puerto Rican cuisine by cooking her way through it, a la Julie and Julia.

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