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Hawa Makes Somali Food

somaliaSo things have been a bit quiet here on ETW, that’s because things in the real ETW universe are quite hectic! New house, new job and 2 books to write between the two of us. So that has left little time to post here on the blog, sadly, though our Instagram is a bit more active. Oftentimes, at the end of the day we are too tired to do anything but watch a YouTube food video or two. We are obsessed with the Bon Appetit YouTube videos (as is everyone), and we are particularly also loving a newer video series featuring Hawa Hassan making delicious Somali food. Hawa is a cook, model and entrepreneur, who created a line of Somali hot sauces, Basbaas.  We loved the Somali take on Bolognese, Suugo Suqaar, which includes cardamom and turmeric!

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Ahmed Jama, the Bravest Chef in Somalia

somaliaI recently came across an article and slideshow about Ahmed Jama, a Somali chef who left London to open a series of restaurants in Mogadishu, and is persevering, even in the face of repeated attacks. The latest attack occurred on September 7th, and killed 15. Chef Jama’s story is pretty amazing, as his mission to bring a friendly communal space to Mogadishu, opening his first restaurant in Mogadishu in 2008 (he now has 5 branches). He is currently in the process of rebuilding after the attacks, and the international community has rallied around him. Check out Chef Jama’s talk at the MAD food conference in Copenhagen below, just a few weeks ago.

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