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Cake Zoetrope by Alexandre Dubosc

We are completely enthralled by the latest creation by French artist Alexandre Dubosc, “Melting Pop.” In this video, he creates a zoetrope out of a spinning cake – a “caketrope” – decorated with popcorn and chocolate. You really have to watch the video to believe it. You can also check out more of Dubosc’s animated food videos on his Vimeo page.

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BBQ with Franklin YouTube Series

It’s no secret that Franklin BBQ in Austin, Texas is one of the most popular and acclaimed barbecue restaurants in the country. The waits are so long, that the line to get inside even has its own Twitter account. If you, like us, are nowhere near Austin, we have found something to tide you over: a BBQ-centric YouTube series by Aaron Franklin, “Barbecue with Franklin,” which covers BBQ tips, recipes and techniques.

Here, in the first video, Aaron walk us through the process of preparing a brisket! This series is putting us in the BBQ mode, so hopefully some BBQ weather will be right around the corner.

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How Candy Canes are made

Candy Cane

Merry Christmas! Whether you celebrate or not, hope you are having a lovely day, and something good to eat. We know we will be stuffed with sweets today. In that holiday spirit, please enjoy this awesome video of candy canes being made at Lofty Pursuits in Florida.

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Food culture around the world with Perennial Plate

I recently stumbled across the James Beard Award-winning Perennial Plate, an excellent blog and video series which is self-described as “dedicated to socially responsible and adventurous eating.” Though the series started in Minnesota, they have now gone worldwide and feature videos about food and food culture from around the world: Japan to Ethiopia and beyond. Check out all of the Perennial Plate videos on Vimeo. It is hard to pick out just one to highlight! To keep with the theme of winnowing down, below is a video that is “Two weeks in Morocco boiled down to three minutes.” Having spent a little time in Morocco, this certainly captures the feeling of sensory overload. I’m definitely going to be catching up on this backlog of videos ASAP!

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“Bean Everywhere”: A video ode to Scandinavian and Turkish Coffee

denmark_flagsweden_flagturkeynorwayWe recently wrote about the vibrant coffee culture in Scandinavia, particularly Norway. Adding credence the near-mythic status of Scandinavian coffee is “Bean Everywhere” a wordless video tribute to Scandinavian coffee by the South African Coffee publication, The Coffee Mag, with the much different Turkish coffee in the mix as well. If you are a coffee lover it is definitely worth a watch.

Shops featured in the video:


September 5, 2013 · 8:25 AM

Cute animated food video, Omelette

Just a fun link for Friday: “Omelette” by  tells the tale of a dog, its owner, and food. Bonus points for having an Elis Regina song as the background music.

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